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You must be 55 or over with a minimum pension fund of 30,000 to use this service.

"I deal with over 1,200 IFAs and you are one of only two I have recommended to my family with regards to their annuity purchase because I know they will receive the best advice possible." Mr. C. Manager at Annuity Provider (Copy available on request)

Who Is This Site For?

The site is designed to assist those looking to purchase an annuity within the next 6 months. Because we provide a personal service rather than simply a comparison site, we are unfortunately unable to help where the timescale is longer than this.

What Service Can I Expect From This Site?

When you make your free and no obligation enquiry, a qualified and highly experienced Independent Financial Adviser will phone you to clarify your exact requirements by asking a few simple questions. This is to ensure that the figures obtained for you are tailored exactly for your needs.

If you need advice in any area, such as the structure of annuity you should consider or the different types of annuities available, your adviser will be happy to help in any way they can.

Alternatively, if you have already decided on the type and structure of annuity you would like, your adviser will simply clarify the information required to obtain the figures you need.

They will then research the annuity market on your behalf and advise you of the best annuity deals available. If you have asked to look at the different annuity options available, they will let you know the relevant figures and provide you with any information and advice you need to ensure you choose the retirement income structure best suited for your needs.

If there are any proposed changes to legislation that could affect or influence your choice, they will advise accordingly. If there are any ways that you can increase the tax efficiency of your retirement income, your adviser will let you know.

What This Site Is Not

It is not an automated annuity comparison site. Comparison sites can be useful if providing a rough guide as to the annuity rate available, but they are not reliable when you need to know exactly how much income you can achieve, due to the complicated nature of annuities.

This is particularly true where you qualify for an enhanced annuity rate where a proper analysis of any lifestyle or medical conditions is required in order to produce accurate quotes.

Comparison sites are not designed to deal with this level of accuracy, and therefore any quotations produced can be wildly inaccurate which is no good to you if you are trying to plan how much income you will have in retirement.

How To Choose The Right Company To Arrange Your Annuity For You

Choosing the right company to arrange your retirement income is an extremely important decision, and it is one that if you get wrong you may have a long time to regret. There are two main points to consider, which are:
  • Is the company tied or independent?
  • Is the company able to provide advice or are they non advised?
A tied adviser (or approaching an insurance company directly) means that you are not receiving figures from the full range of insurance companies available to you, and therefore you are likely to be offered a lower rate than you can achieve by using an independent adviser who can research a wider range of companies.

It is vitally important to understand the difference between advice and non advice, and what this means for you. An advisory company can not only provide you with any advice you need, but they are also responsible for the advice they give.

This means that if you receive bad advice, you are able to seek redress from the adviser or from the Financial Ombudsman Service.

However, because a non advisory company is unable to provide you with advice, not only are you more likely to purchase the wrong retirement vehicle, but you also have less protection if you end up buying the wrong product.

A non advisory company can only act on your instructions, and is unable to offer you advice. As such, if you choose the wrong annuity, they are not at fault because they didn't advise you what to buy, even if basic advice could have avoided the problem. If you select a less tax efficient income than you could have done with basic advice, they're not responsible because they didn't advise you to do it.

For a decision so important, we believe it's essential you seek out independent advice, both to ensure you don't buy the wrong product and to ensure you have the maximum protection. Some non-advisory companies will refer you to an advisory company if you request this, but one has to question a company's commitment to providing the best for you when you only receive this if you specifically request it.

Some Kind Words

"You handled my requests very professionally..... I am very pleased with the final amounts as they were more than I was expecting. Although a number of relatives and friends have said they have used an Independent Financial Adviser to help with their pensions, none of them seemed willing to provide a reference. If any of my friends or relatives is about to retire I would not hesitate to recommend your services."

"Can I just say that you have done us proud and the whole thing has been painless and easy. Our existing provider referred us to (a competitor). We found them so cold, unhelpful and full of jargon. It took them 3 weeks to produce a quote which we had to chase 3 times. So we started to look around and luckily found you. It does feel like a minefield if you don't have an adviser you trust - happily we do now. So thanks again - if we need more financial advice, we won't be going anywhere else".

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You must be 55 or over with a minimum pension fund of 30,000 to use this service.

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